I'm Dina

social media and brand consultant, content creator, podcast host, mom, entrepreneur, and thrifter extraordinaire

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What I do:

I develop strategies for creative entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and retail stores to grow and scale their business online.

I work alongside creatives as they discover the great impact and value they can bring to their business and customers online when they know exactly who they are, what they believe in, and where they want to go.

You'll never hear me use phrases like, "Click here to find out how I got 5,000 followers in one month!" This isn't about achieving an arbitrary number of followers, it's about having the tools to navigate your brand online in an authentic way that creates meaningful and lasting connections with the right audience. 

Why I do it:

Social media marketing and branding is a full-time job. Yet so many organizations and businesses tack it on to an already full plate (I worked for nonprofits, trust me I know!) As a communications and marketing professional and entrepreneur, I've been on both sides of the table. 

I thrive in creative spaces and understand how beautiful and exhilarating a creative mind can be. I also understand how frustrating it can feel to have to run a business and figure out how to effectively manage your brand online

When I  started my lifestyle brand  I had a simple mission: encourage and inspire people to shop secondhand. My journey began in 2009 before sustainability became a trending topic, and get this: before Instagram. Gasp! I was armed with my mission but I had a hard time articulating it and staying consistent online.

I had the craft and content to share with my audiences. I knew I had what it took to achieve success like peers in my industry. I had the skills. I had the expertise. ​But I was just so...uninspired, overwhelmed. I made so many excuses. 

Then, it all clicked. I had to get organized. Make a plan. Spontaneously posting worked every now and then, but it wasn't a sustainable plan for my brand. It all changed once I sat down and put a plan into place. Seeing it all written out, mapped out, and talked out felt inspiring, exciting, and totally attainable. 

My social media marketing plan finally coordinated perfectly with my voice, vision, and values - and my audience started to take notice. More importantly, I built a community that I value and makes me feel fulfilled. 

After years of trial and error, research, professional development, and real-world experience, I'm able to clearly define and share these goals and values with myself and my audiences. Now, my audience trusts me as an expert in this field. 

I thrive on learning through trial and error and I believe that's an essential part of growth. However, I could have greatly reduced the number of errors, optimized my valuable content, and scaled my brand exponentially had I sought out a branding coach to help me talk it through early in my journey.

I want to share this process with creatives because I admire all that you do to contribute to the vibrancy in the world.

You have a gift, let's make sure you get it in front of the right audience.


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Coordinates Creative Consulting, LLC is 100% women and minority-owned.